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Alias: The Radical Rogue/The Rogue (His true superhero name), Crow (Current alias/Invasion, after gaining his powers he assumes this identity if the AI known as the Crow is in control), Blackbird (Former alias/season 1, somethin he thought of, he was a bit of an idiot last time).
Group / Alliance Affiliation(s): Young Justice/Justice League and his friends. He's in between hero and anti-hero.

Secret ID:  Carter W. Connors.
Nickname(s): Cart, Will, Pete.
Age:10 (season 1), 16 (Invasion).
Birthday: May 16.
Gender: Male
Nationality: American.
Current Residence: Happy Harbor.
Height: 4'9" (Season 1), 5'11" (Invasion).
Weight: 120lbs (Season 1), 150lbs (Season 2).
Eye Color: Prominent Grey.
Hair Color: Brown.
Hair Type: Short and Messy.
Skin Color: Slightly tanned.
Physical Description: He has Good, straight posture, his build is Slightly above Mesomorph, has Slightly tanned skin,has Short brown and messy hair (At season two he let it get longer and wavy and have bangs, but it's still short), he has Medium sized ears, when using power at a normal withstandable rate his eyes will turn Sky blue, when at full power (the other five stages) the Whites turn pure black and his iris' outline turns Dark purple and the rest turns Bright Red. Depending on a stage his pupils are inside a different symbol. Stage one, none. Stage two, a bright red cross outlined with Dark purple. Stage three a bright red atom outlined with dark purple. Stage four, his pupil is surrounded by a shuriken like symbol colered Dark purple outlined with Bright red. Stage Five, his pupil is surrounded by Bright Red rings outlined with Dark Purple. Stage six, his pupil is shaped like the earth except the ocean is Bright Red and the countries are Dark Purple, a Normal Small nose, Masculine mouth.Oval shaped face. he Usually has a smirky face, when serious a stern face, On most people he just owned, a cocky smile , friends or lovers a satisfied smile, he has Spatulate hands.his feet are Normal arch.He usually wears a tight black shirt, a trenchcoat, black gloves without knuckles and finally cargo pants with combat boots, with shades, at hot days he replaces the trench coat with a leather jacket. His suit when doing “business", as Blackbird was a leather jacket, black shirt, cargo pants, combat boots and knee pads with two holsters at the hips and a knife sheat at his shoulder, he also has a mask that doesn't cover his hair. As the Rogue he manifests armor which resembles something that's a combination of the armor from the Voltron remake series, Movie Captain America's WWI outfit and Raspberry's armor (from Dragon ball), he is black with Purple accents and has a symbol on his chest that's a T with two Rs facing prallel from each other ( “RTR" the R on the left faces the left), and the sumbol is colored white. When the Crow AI is in controll he gains a much sleeker look, looking like barely armor a long coat and a helmet.

General Personality: He is somewhat Cocky, Arrogant, fun, understanding and kind among friends, strangers just prideful, when angered he can act fearful, some people say he's actually smart, some say plain stupid, others say crazy, he is also a wild card and does stuff his own way, the reason for this is he wants to be remembered and important. He has slight anger issues, but controls them, but he also gets violent when injured badly. When the crow takes over he's a much darker version of himself. When him and the crow became one they had a mix, Carter becoming more serious, but was still fun to hang out with. No matter what, possesed or not, he loves the fact some heroines dress “funny"

Good Traits: Fun, lovable, inspiring, brave and manipulative.
Bad Traits: Cocky and manipulative.
Quirks: He also likes annoying enemies no matter what, scratches arm when nervous, always does some kind of last clap contest, when calpping is used normally, like applause.
Hopes: That he'll always be remembered and respected...or feared.
Fears: To be forgoten and alone.
Memorable Quote(s):

“I have enough serenity to accept things I can't change, I have the stubbornness and courage to change the things I can, like how you're currently looking in good condition to fight."

“That's an interesting costume you have."

“I'm one of the most powerful heroes, so don't EVER forget that!"

Closest Friends:
Megan/Ms. Martian - Met her when joining the team for the very first time, he called her cute, due to that “Hello Megan!" thing she always did.
BradLee Connors/Warzone - They're both clones that escaped a government group, when Carter explained to him where they both came from, he started to call him his big brother, he eventually responds to that title.
Artemis - He had a crush on her for a while, but he knew she was out of his league.
Kid Flash/Wally West- They're great friends, good enough that he'd do anything to make sure he's alive.
Jade Nguyen/Cheshire
Vandal Savage
The Reach
Girlfriend(s)/Boyfriend(s): Alexandria McDowell/Flame - They met as close allies, at some point they became friends and she noticed, he likes her, so she asked some questions and that's when their relationship sparked up.

Power(s): At first he was like a super soldier only, but when The Crow chose him, it gave him powers that were interpreted by Cosmic, Scientific and Magical factors all mixed together, using self created spells with the powers to use them.

POWER/ABILITY 1: He has Nigh-Superhuman physical prowess, can  rip off car doors, flip cars and open elevators with his bare hands, can run fast enough to outrace cars, can jump 20 feet higher, can react faster than the average man, can dodge bullets, has a high pain tolerance, high durability to take lasers or magical spells. Has enhanced five senses, to hear at a sub-atomic level, smell the air for different individuals, taste the air for differences, can see miles away and feel the ground or air around him to see what's coming, he also has, healing factor like Deathstroke's, except stronger, thanks to some meditation and practice he can augment his physical prowess with his biological and nuerological electricity. All of the physical stuff is a survival power he has.
PROS: Execellent tracker, fighter, survivor and marksman.
CONS: Enhanced five senses can be used against him.

POWER/ABILITY 2: After being chosen by the Crow AI programming in the for, of nanites in a liquid like state entering his body altering it giving him a biomechanical physiology, giving him Technopathy a bit, Armor manifestation, and a plethora of abilities from a Quasi-mysitcal energy source which allows him to amp up speed and strength to eleven, use many types of energy fields, go invisible, change color, create holograms, slow down time, and many more, but his most prominent features is constructing many almost Sci-fi weaponry which range from futurisitc space guns and other things which is either hard-light, plasma based or even both. He is even protected from psychic attacks and can even use slight telepathy on a 200 mile radius. Due to the Quasi-Mystical nature he can use some magic.
PROS: Has a strong immunity to Simon's powers, can use powers creatively  and he can be a respectable match to a Kryptonian.
CONS: Armor and weapons can be broken (But they repair themselves), telepathic powers cause violent migraines, might kill him mentally and other ailments of the mind, The Crow AI gets annoying, Needs to wait for energy to recharge if used.

The constructs the Crow AI creates.

*AGPMF (A Gift of the Past Made in the Future) - A combat knife whose blade is eight inches long, is made from a promethium and Nth metal alloy and can focus in his powers. He found the knife on a mission with The Team and used it ever since.

Style: Uses a combination of Boxing, Pro-Wrestling, Lucha Libre, Judo, Muay Thai, Savate, Karate, Jujuitsu, Kung Fu, Krav Maga, Eskrima, Systema, Combat Sambo and average Kickboxing.
Strengths: Experienced fighter, Marksman, Swordsman, mixing up each fighting style's moves. Has many options for offense and defense.
Weaknesses: Unexpecting and combos sometimes break.

Background: Him and his brother BradLee were attempts to create supersoldiers by the US government, for three years they were both there, until a “spirit" showed itself to them and lead them out. When they got out they were found by an orphanage and taken in by the Connors which lived in Happy Harbor. After a few years, he decided to be a vigilante, this got him an audience with the League and was trained by anybody. At the events of The First Team, he was always obedient, but was also a bit of a wildcard. At a mission the spirit encountered him again and fused with him, giving him more powers and revealing itself as an AI from that same facility, after that mission, a little part of the AI was fused with Brad only slightly though, this caused them to be partners on the team. During the events of Invasion he was a bit more powerful, but had a few issues with the team and spirit, but eventually he overcame it and is one step closer to being remembered. When Wally died it messed him up, but he has a feeling he's alive, he gets dreams of him running in some place.
Young Justice OC - The Radical Rogue.
Young Justice (c) DC.
Carter (c) Me.
Alex (c) Rawwwrchel
He will be remembered!
but two days from now, he will ultimately change into something else.
Multiversal OC - Helldiver
I do not own marvel or DC
Template from by ShadowHachia 
Helldiver (c) Me,
Name: Daniel Strom

Alias/Nicknames: Armory.

-Unnamed Parents
-Unnamed Older brother
-Five Unnamed sisters

-Villains of each universe he's assigned to.

-Carl Murtons
-Melanie Sychowitz
-Georgie Burns

Base of Operations:
-Extremely Mobile

Personality: In a trope summary, he is the rookie, naive, compassionate, all rounder, confused, can be scared (But is brave), holds strong bonds, Sort of Antithesis to the Prodigal Son, and Revenge seeker for those who wronded him and others. Basically he's the ultimate modern boy scout, always putting others before him, trying to unite people and being an all round nice  and compassionate guy. He was also kind of Naive of things unless he thinks about it. But under that nice and compassionate demeanor lies a really overly protective side that would even seek revenge against those who wronged him. He does have his moments, but so far he's still the goof and joke of The Guardsmen that would apologize for alot of mistakes he'd cause.

-Superhuman Physical attributes
--Can atleast lift 4.5 tonnes without Strength boost
--Can break normal human bones with his punches
--Has overpowered and outmuscled many superior beings
--Has been able to catch heavy objects
--Ran 55 mph without Speed boost
--Can swim 48 knots
--Can balance on wires
--- All possible thanks to some Gene therapy
----Skeleton Is Hard to break and if broken can repair itself
--Healing is at near Superhuman levels
-Magic Resistance
-Body Control
-Superhuman Reflexes and enhanced Senses
--Has dodged many attacks to consider reaction time to be superhuman
--Is fast enough to react, tag, blitz, and keep up with many speedsters
-Mental Attack Resistance
-Close-Quarters Combat and Close-Quarters Defense
--Has fought on par with many individuals considered to be superior
--Adept Martial Artist in all, as he Mainly uses a combination of Boxing, Pro-Wrestling, Lucha Libre, Judo, Muay Thai, Savate, Karate, Jujuitsu, Kung Fu, Krav Maga, Eskrima, Systema, Combat Sambo and average Kickboxing. Despite this though he has been shown to use alot of other techniques.
-Fair Marksmanship
--Can track small targets and even extremely fast targets, timing shots, punches, kicks, grabs, and slashes perfectly
-Rudementary Swordsmanship
--Has been shown to use them just fine, but not precisely
-Jack of all Trades, Expert in none
--Knows many skills is not an expert in any of them
-Has been thought by different dimensional creatures and extraterrestrials the existance of Chi/Ki/Aura, effectively allowing him to i crease his physical attributes and healing

-Jack of all Trades, Skilled in all, Expert in none
-GIIR is affected by strong foreign EMPs
-HAG may short circuit from Prolonged use of Armor Augmentaion, Use of many types of different augmentations, or all Augmentations
--This has shown to mentally damage even some individuals
-Durability has limits
-Each HAG has its own limits
--Distortion Engine is an enhancement that has too many risks and has many mental barriers made by him to make it uneasy to access
--Active Camoflauge can be found out with liquids and can be revealed by EMPs
--Energy Shields use is almost hard to guarantee.
---Overcharged shield makes him heavier and slower
---Domed shields work both ways
--Healing Unit has its limits
--Pain Killers numb the entire sense of touch and feeling in general gets disabled, he can't feel anything
-AHPPS will take hours to reboot once a construct made by it is destroyed or lost in order for use
-Has bad luck with many vehicles (Contact with luck altering factors increase or decrease this)
--Reflexes, Speed and Skills slightly negate this
-AHPPS need to recharge constructs

-Galactic Intelligence Integrated Rig (GIIR): It resembles an amalgation Halo's Mark VI, ODST and Recruit armor, for the body while the helmet looks like a mash between Defender, Recruit, EOD and Mark VI, in its entirety it has a Dark Navy Blue paint job with sky blue blue trim and a blue visor when activated, but when not it looks like a spine attachment. To actually describe his armor, Halo meets Star Wars and does it with Overwatch. Think of it as a less dangerous Blue Beetle scarab, as it is non-sentient, but is more based on skill and psyche based, due to it analyzing's Kieth's psyche and seeing him as a Advanced Recon Commando, knows everything expert in none, this has given him major Armor Enhancements, Tools and Weapons due to how the suit mentally ranked him. It is made of incredibaly durable material of the external armor being Carbon Nanite textiles and Laminated Kevlar, while the under armor is a weave of first layered Carbon Fibers, second layer of lead to protect him from radiation, third with Graphene, with energy shields which recharge. Also equiped with jet boosters for increased jumps, slides, landings, double jumps and slight increase in strike power. After promortion though making his armor and actualy thing with internal armor/body glove and the actual external armor.

-High Augmentation Gear (HAG): Multiple systems in the armor which gives User more abilities. They involve a certain energy the suit can tap into and manipulate in various ways. The Armor Enhancements he has are:
--Adaptive Camoflauge: Allows him to match the color and temperature of his surroundings.
--Voice Gadget: Basically parrot mode.
---Filter: Changes his voice.
---Megaphone: Increases volume of microphone.
---Manipulator: Allows him to make new transmissions.
---Mute button.
--Energy Shield: Shield made with plasma, meaning only anything in plasma negating tech or powers can go through it.
---Locked: This keeps him in an extremely dense field of plasma that it locks him in place.
---Overcharged: Overcharged Energy shields of armor.
--Healing Unit: Heals injuries, his favourite one, as he can also utilize it to heal others.
--Gravity Adapter: Allows him to walk up surfaces.
--Scanner: Can scan for organic, technological and spectrums.
--Sonar/Sound: Basically a motion tracker.
--Pain Killer: Really efficient anesthetics.

-Advanced Hard-light Plasma-based Positronic-arsenal System (AHPPS): A complex piece of weaponry and gadgetry which is built into the suit itself. These constructs are made using nanites to create the solid base for weapons ( For ranged weapons it would be the body itself, for melee weapons it would either be the entire weapon or a handle or some parts in general), and Hard-light componenets (For ranged weapons it would be ammunition or any other attachment and for melee it would be the component that does the most damage). The weapons need to recharge as well, but they last longer. It has four settings, Stun, Non-Lethal, Less-Lethal, and Lethal, he preffers Less-Lethal. List of known weapons:
--Pathblaster Pistol: Modeled after a futuristic 1911 Operator Pistol with a small scope. It is his number one side arm, as it can even go long range. Ammunition:
-13mm Magnum Bolts: Basically the usual as it is a long range weapon at heart, this its standard ammunition, as it can even rip through Nth metal and Promethium pretty well.
-1.5" ‘Corrosive' Bolts: Though the Magnum rounds before seem to be the armor piercing ammunition, it is not, these are, as once they hit the heat of the bolts causes a reaction that somewhat incinerates the target, the damage depends on how many times it was shot.

--Dual Twin Upper/Lower Barrel Sub-sonic repeaters: Look like Bullpup sub-machineguns. They are extremely fast at firing and drain ammo quickly. Ammunition:
-Compressor Bolts: Standard Ammo, basically spreads alot, but hey they're effective up close.
-Suppressor Bolts: These thins are used for literally pushing back as they use certain sonic frequencies to increase the force of hich these things stop.
-Bouncers: Well the name says it all, they ricochet.
-Money Shots: Now these are filled with ammo that homes in on targtes once locked on they explode

--Scatterblaster Shotgun: Modeled after Rage's Combat Shotgun except more futuristic looking. It's actually a Short to Long range weapon. It has an extremely durable frame. Ammunition:
-12 guage Ricochet Bolts: Basically shells which can ricochet off of any surface six times, pretty fun to use against armored enemies, as they have a pretty strong stopping power.
-Parry Bolts: Actually used defensively as when firing at a target it just pushes them back, but it will hurt, but nothing has been killed by these, but these things can deflect many forms of attacks.
-PULSEFIRE METAL SLUGS: These things are basically grenades with two options, scatter and forward, scatter is the usual grenade, forward is an overpowered shotgun shell.

--Nuetron Assault Rifle: It resembles Rage's Authority Machinegun. It has a three shot burst option or fully automatic. It is equpped with an energy bayonet as it even has vials for it, they can only cut through some unobtaniums. Its frame is just as durable as the Scatterblast Shotgun. Ammo and Vials:
-Meta Bolts: The standard issue bolts, can shoot even vehicles and is considered favourite for Assault Rifle users, cannot get passed strong energy shields.
-Springcleaner Bolts: These bolts can pierce 90% of everything, if they wont get through 100% atleast you got them in a target.
-Rivets: Pierces a target hard enough to pin them onto something else. Comes in:
--Lazer Grid
-PULSEFIRE METAL SLUGS: Unlike the shotgun version, these are explosive bullets, very nice to use by the way.
-Plasma Vial: Average vial for energy bayonet, can slice through most things.
-Incendiary Vial: Basically heats up and lights anything on fire and can be a light source and act as a make shift flashlight with some modifications.

--Nucleon Charge Rifle: Resembles a combo between Halo's DMR and a 50 Cal. Sniper Rifle. It can ricochet, armor pierce and even explode. It charges up for more damage.
-Heathenous 50: These rounds ricochet off of many areas, effectively making use of percision as they never peer off and they ricochet to a total of nine times.
-Anti-Tanker: Basically used for not only very armored vehicles, but extremely durable super powered beings.
-Prototype “Yellowbird": It's like a combination of the two previous rounds, but explodes as well, you see it can only ricochet ones, but after ricocheting it gains an extreme speed boost, once it makes contact with target...boom

--Plazmaburst Rocket Cannon: Basically an energy rocket launcher, pretty powerful. If locked ot will launch three shots.
---Homing: The usual ammo, as once the HUD of the weapon follows you, it will move to you. Can be used against vehicles.
---Airburst: Anti-Air ammo.
---Buster: Basically cluster missiles that home in and are faster.
---Freezerburn: Launches stuff that detonates into plasma that drains heats from molecules, freezing them.

--Energy Knife: A serrated knife with a hard-light plasma coated blade which emits a frequency of vibrations. Variations:
-Serrated: A basic knife
-Dobule ended bladed boomerang: Name says it all, it is effective in ranged attacks, but requires more strength in cutting.
-Shoto: Grows to a maximum of three feet.

--Hard-Light Shield: Hard-Light circle shaped shield, which is alot like Captain America's on how it's used.
-Siege: Average shield mode, much like Captain America's.
-Expander: Basically becomes big.

--Nades: Basically grenades made of highly condensed energy in something compareable to the size of a soda can, there are frag, flash, stun, EMP, incendiary, concussive and thermal detonation
--Tools: Can make a flashlight, Timer, Watch, and even a vacuum cleaner.

-626-Combat Speeder: Size of a large motorcycle, guns powerful enough to shoot through steel, heavy ammo designed to stun the most durable and resistant of targets, flies at EXTREMELY high speeds, is summonable, and collapsable.

--- Status ---

Alignment: Neutral
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: Caucasian
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Guardsman, Hero

--- Characteristics ---

Gender: Male
Birthday: April 1
Height: 5'10"
Eyes: Sapphire.
Hair: Blonde and spiky
Skin: Pale white
Unusual Features: His skeleton, Eyes glow blue in the dark if Visor doesn't cover it, Angled scar on his torso

--- Origin ---

Just a random guy from a random universe, he was with the police force, had an average life, no real drama or tragedy. It was until during one raid, he found the GIIR, when he approaxhed it, it latched onto his spine, next thing he knew, he was in armor, facing three people in chairs that look like space, one looked organic, one looked mechanical, one looked like the sum of both, he was with a chic in a pretty realistic lawyer like outfit. The biomechanical one spoke out and said: “Daniel Connors, the Guardsmen have chosen you...", this freaked him out, wondering why. Until the Mechanical one spoke out: “You have no real effect on the universe, and your skills can match theirs, hence why we erased all evidence of you...",the lawyer looking chick comforted him through the experience. He then asked who they were and what the Guardsmen were, the Organic ones answered, “We are those who have existed before nothing, a council if you will. The Guardsmen are like what Green Lanterns are, what the Nova Corps is, and many more, you are in legitemacy, Guardsmen.", he was losing it, he swore it was a dream, but sadly no.

The lady explained she was Tutor, basically the one who fixes the rookies in, they first trained him, fed him, groomed him, and took care of him. They then enhanced him, pushing him to the true peak of humans, no, above peak, he is the twelveth human Guardsman, he saw many things many experiences. He was given the identity-sign: “D-9" and was assigned to Universe-616, Universe-1610, multiple frequencies of Universe-52, and even in the Nexus, the center of the Multiverse. The Old ones know, he and the other eleven, will have great effect now, in any Multiversal war.
Multiversal OC - Armory.
All licensed things belong to respective owners
Daniel belongs to me
My perfect multiversal OC
Name: Keith Kyu.

Alias: K-9.

Age: 16

D.O.B.:  June 13, 1997 (AI construction), 2012 (Body creation)

Ultralink: He is technically an ultralink hybrid, it will be explained furthermore in his bio.

Homeworld: Earth, Copper Canyon

Personality: In a trope summary, he is the rookie, naive, compassionate, all rounder, confused, can be scared (But is brave), holds strong bonds, Sort of Antithesis to the Prodigal Son, and Revenge seeker for those who wronded him and others. Basically he's the ultimate modern boy scout, always putting others before him, trying to unite people and being an all round nice  and compassionate guy. He was also kind of Naive of things unless he thinks about it. But under that nice and compassionate demeanor lies a really overly protective side that would even seek revenge against those who wronged him. He does have his moments, but so far he's still the goof and joke of The Guardsmen that would apologize for alot of mistakes he'd cause.

Appearance: He is a nice built guy, good looking, actually more cute, blonde spiky hair, and Pale white skin. He usually wears a black shirt, jeans and rubber shoes, but most of the time he wears his GIIR (Galactic Intelligence Integrated Rig). It resembles an amalgation Halo 5's Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VI, Stalker,and Recruit armor, for the body, while the helmet looks like a mash between Defender, Recruit, Stalker, EOD, and Mark VI, in its entirety it has a Dark Navy Blue paint job with sky blue blue trim and a black visor when activated, but when not it looks like a spine attachment.

Height: 6'

Weight: 290lbs

Janice Kyu - “Mother"

ALF-4 (Alpha) - “Father"

Josephine Kyu - “Half Sister"


Background Story:

He was a selection of codes when brought into the world, created by N-Tek scientist Janice Kyu based on her and her deceased husband's brain patterns, when James Macgrath found an ultrlink she took possession of it for study, nothing trigerred it, until she gave Keith a voice, noticing this she dowloaded the programming of the Ultralink into Keith, by destroying the Ultralink'h physical form. After some years in the year 2012 that's when they made him a body, a syntheziod one, dowloading his programming into the brain and modifying the body, giving it technology and abilities, after that creating the identity for him, Keith Kyu. The known modifications are:
-Superhuman level of Physical attributes
-Superhuman Senses and Reaction time
-Mental Hacking
-Form of Telepath and Technopathy
The Technology he was given is:
--Hard Stopper Pistol
--Twin Sub-sonic Submachineguns
--Quick-Sights Assault Rifle
--Scatter Blast Shotty
--Burst Long Shot Sniper
--Rail Driver
--Plazmaburst Cannon
--Energy Knife
--Power Boost: For six seconds boosts attack, movement and aiming speed/damage.
--Adaptive Camoflauge: Allows him to match the color of his surroundings, but his silhouette, shadow and lights of his suits can be seen.
--Distortion Engine: Allows him to slow down time and move faster than everyone else, allows him to shoot or deflect projectiles, but also his projectiles travel slow. It can even allow him to make objects solid or see in different spectrums.
-Energy Shield: Octagon shaped energy shield. It blocks
--Healing Unit: Can heal himself and another with it.
--Gravity Adapter: Allows him to move up any solid surface.
--Sonar: Can spot anything, but cannot identify who or what it is it is.
--Nerve Killer: Allows him not to get affected by certain effects. Lasts for Ten seconds.
-HAM-V (Hammer-space Nanite Vehicle)
--Combat Cycle
--Hover Board
All of these and himself are powered by an ARGUS Core, an energy reactor which is almost limitless. He became an N-Tek agent in order to actually do some work and attends the same school as any other Ultralink hybrid to keep his eye on them.

Education: N/A
Max Steel OC - Keith Kyu
Max Steel belongs to the original owner
Keith belongs to me
Name: Melissa Systevich

Alias: M-8

Race: Russian-British, Human

Age: 20

DOB: September 6, 2056

Job: Guardsman/Vishkar Assassin.

-The Guardsmen
-Kieth Connors

Base of Operations:
-Extremely Mobile

Appearance: She's a very tall and strapping woman, not as much bulk as Zarya, but it's muscle, but it does not hide some feminine. curves, her pale white skin is decorated with some past wounds, she has nice orange eyes that have an innocent yet dangerous glow to them, and she has short black hair. The only form of Clothing she has is her GIIR. Her GIIR resemble an ammalgation of an Astronaut suit, A Battledress/Juggernaut Suit, and an M1 Abrams Tank, the Astronaut helmet is much smaller and sleeker, giving it a ,uch serious tone and a solid visor, The Juggernaut suit having much more sleeker design, but a still heavy feel, with the tank being the armored parts as her GIIR is the only one made of Laminated Kevlar and Titanium particles with some Nomex, the entire armor is black with the visor being red.

Face claim: Karen Gillan

Scars/Deformaties:Two scars on her left cheek and several bullet wounds at her throat (She became mute because of it).

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 1153lbs

Personality: So far her only functions has been shown to be, kill, capture, hunt, maim, protect, guard, and obey Kieth. So far Connors has shown to be the only one to communicate with her, but besides that she has shown to still be immature, skiddish, direct, Reckless, sociopathic, violent, idiotic and agressive. She also likes birds, whoch has shown to get her attention. She also has a sense of humor still, and a bit of sarcasm, which somehow remained intact. What surprisingly remained intact the most was her hatred for Omnics, especially Bastions, in fact her number one virtual simulation targets were Bastions. No matter what she will always be the stoic, strong, silent, tamk pf the Guardsmen.

Role: Tank

Health Max: 300

Shield Max: 100

Ammo Max: 300

From what Kieth has helped her remember is that she was raised on a farm in England with a Russian Father and English mother, she'd do work alot, she also had siblings who were bigger and stronger. So she trained, and she trained, and she trained until finally she trained so much, not only did she become as strong, she became bigger than them. Unfortunately a rogue bastion unit raided their farm and killed her family. She was grief strucken, with that, she gathered what money they had left and traveled. In her travels she got discovered by a Vishkar agent, and let's face it if you saw her, you'd recruit her.

She went through the same thing Kieth did, but much more excessive, what the other Guardsmen had was a simple formual and nanites, hers was that plus surgery and even more. She was the biggest, heaviest, and physically strongest, as in training grounds got decimated due to her reckless style of combat, this has lead to many failures though. It took partnering up with Kieth on missions to actually get her to cooperate with orders and be more successful as both could compensate for each other's weaknesses. After one mission she found out Kieth was put into the brig, despite it going against Guardsmen duties, ot was their ally cooped up, and they broke him out, once explained what happened, they fought their way through the facility, one by one each had their fate left unknown, but hers after saving her comrade, she got captured and brainwashed and given the alias “M-8".

She was The New Guardsmen's secret weapon, their ace in the hole, their trump card, she carried out many assassinations and dirty work, it got worse when a certain Talno assassin tangled with her, causing a component in her brain which recieved orders via link to be damaged, and get into the hands of Talon. Specifically she got handled by Talon's Blackforest division and basically had the same tasks, until she saw Kieth again, so her mentality at that point was on and off.

-Melissa Systevich: They were the inseperable pair of the team, always having each other's back, and actually working well together. Their relationship in his perspective was completely Plutonic.

-Carl Murtons: They were good friends with mutual care for each other.

Passive Ability: Drastic Vishkar Enhancement - Unlike the rest she has shown to be slower, not as intelligent, and much more heavier, but in strength, druability and survivability, this has made her a useful tank. She is basically a sponge for bullets, a strong striker, and once she lands on you, it's gonna hurt.

Ability 1: AHPPS Hermes Chaingun
Left Click: It fires a spray of plasma rounds, that just feel right.
Right Click: Fires a heavy round which take 150 rounds per shot

Ability 2: Brute Strength
Left Shift: She puts away her chain gun and charges at any opponent, hard to steer, and when bumping head first to a wall stops, damages and stuns her, if into an enemy it pushes them until hitting a wall, if hitting quick melee just before it stops, it pushes back the enemy. Recharges for ten seconds.

Ability 3: Unstable Shield
E: She manifests a large hard-light shield from her chaingun which drains her ammo and drains faster with damage recieved.

Ultimate Ability: M-8: Engaging all targets.
Q: She gets overshielded, but it has a fiery looking effect, but is still a shield none the less, she gets a health boost and movement speed boost, left click is replaced with melee moves, right click is still heavy round, left shift is a brutal lunge, E is made into a grab, when grabbing right click will be charging the opponent into another one or into a wall, left click is a throw, landing does not damage, but making contact with any solid object or other enemy damages the thrown enemy. It lasts for fifteen seconds.

-She is slow in reloading.
-If she gets hooked while using Brute Strength, a nice counter attack is in store.
-Effects will barely hinder her, no shaky cam or newly colored cams, but when a sleep dart hits, her it slows down her aiming, and her already slow mevement speed until she sleeps.

Overwatch OH - M-8.
Overwatch (c) Blizzard
Template (C) O-F-T-E-N
Melissa, Kieth, Carl, Guardsmen, and Blackforest (c) Me.
Found and taken from autoking 

''There's a hacker lurking around DeviantART that will change your password and put Thomas the tank pictures in your and post inappropriate pics on your account.

They will post bad pictures only if they hack your account. If they found out you posted a journal entry about this warning, they will know what's up and they won't hack your account. They will also be posting journal entries saying things like "I hate you all! Go die!" and remove all your watchers. The best thing you could do now is copy this warning and post for all your friends and watchers to see and spread the word! The hacker will go around hacking accounts and block your friends to get your friends to block you back, get you in trouble, and get you banned from DeviantART.

If you want to save your account, you should make a journal entry with this warning to keep the hacker from hacking your account. So, SPREAD THE WORD!!!''


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