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Full name: Strider
Nicknames: Hunted, Masked one, Phantom
Age: Mid 30s
Occupation: Assassin, Mercenary
Birth place: Unknown
Birth date: June 30th (Unknown year)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220lbs
Race: Human
Nationality: Unknown


Skin Color(s): Tanned
Hair: Short and brunette
Hairstyles: Fixed and composed
Eyes: Average
Eye Color(s): White
Unique Feature(s): Brand located on his back in the shape of a horse skull, Scar on his chest that indicates that some form of magic was used on him, Eyes glow a bright blue


Battle: His signature battle armor consists of a Silver Curiass, Gauntlets (With blades facing backward on the forearm, and some blades pointing forward, and they come equiped with claws in the fingers), paldrons, greaves (Come with blades and two claws at the end of the feet area) and fauld, Steel chainmail (Made black), an Iron mask with a slight skull motif, and a gray hooded cape which has been enchanted to protect from flames, catch air, slow down falls and helps stun opponents.
Swimwear: So far the closest thing to it has been just cloth shorts.
Fancy: A black coat with hood, a leather vest, cotton shirt, cotton pants and boots.
Normal: N/A (His armor is what he preffers)
Accessories: He has kept the armor of the general Antonio


Social: He has the capacity to be, but he does not like large gatherings of the rich
Bravery: Despite his methods, Paranoia and even slight racism, he is brave in a large degree
Rebellious: He can break contracts he's made with clients, but overall he is very rebellious
Tidy: He's nice and orderly in his usual mood, but when paranoid he uses alot of space
Daredevil: He does not risk it, but when the heat of battle is too much, on the enemy's sake, he starts to become more daring
Bookworm: He is
Personality: He has shown to be intelligent, cold, cruel, intimidating and serious. So far with actual friends, he has none, this makes him seem out of place in social gatherings, he does have the capacity, but experience is an all time low. His prejuiduce comes from beliefs, stories, rumors, and personal experiences with the races he knows, but overall it's a prejuiduce equality. He is even shown to mock his enemies when they are in extreme pain, physical, emotional, and mental. But despite being an Arsehole, he's an arsehole with a heart, once you make a bond with him, it may get, shaken, maimed, bruised or even scarred, but it wont break.

But what is sad is, he is slowly losing faith in his God, and he wants more things to belive in, other than him, experiencing loss, pain, scars that will never heal, and roles that can never be changed, he's just slowly fading. He is shown to be calm when listening to a siren song, they apparently have a different affect on him, it calms his mind. Despite many things he is shown to have charisma, relying on it in situations which don't require casualties.


Magic Types:
-Mysticism (Presumably): Though not officially answered by him, he is shown to use Mental magic in creative ways that would seem difficult, though no answers have been recieved
-Mental Magic: He has learned this from an unknown mentor, but all he knows so far is telekinesis and mental protection. He uses his telekinesis to pick up weapons, throw melee weapons, or guide ranged weapons, the maximum limit he has in doing this is lifting a horse up. In mental protection this is what he needs to always focus on, as it protects him from manipulation, control and even temptation, allowing him to see logical paths, it even protects from siren songs, but if he gets paranoid that is when it is at its weakest,

-Specific Athlete Conditioning: Before I get flak for it, no, this is not a supersoldier, his weight limit is practically 375lbs-400lbs, his durability is literally to be laughed at, but what really makes him special is his senses and speed. In the sense department this was honed through intense practice, mainly mental ones, when learning mental magic they became altered drastically. His speed even without the help of telekinetic magic, makes him a very confusing fighter, striking in blinding speeds, and blitzing opponents.
-H2H Combat experience: His very first task was to kill an entire village of bandits without armor or weapons, something he succeeded at (Though not VERY impressive, but impressive none the less), observing even more fighters increases these skills, meaning the longer you fight him, the deadlier he gets. His style usually involves quick punches and kicks, but he has included grapling, joint locking, preassure point knowledge, body knowledgeand even fatal strikes that would cause permanent damage.
-Armed Combat experience: He has handled many weapons, some of which impress many fighters that he has skills in.
Protection: Besides his armor, he would also use his defensive techniques, or a shield if he has any
Fighting style: Armed Combat skill, Assassination Arts, Has mimiced many forms of H2H combat (Did not master, but is adept in many), Mental Combat (Defense against mind attacks and can theoretically counter them)
Advantages in battle: Can tip the favors, is inhumanly fast in everything, experienced and skilled, Mental magic proves his abilities, Accuracy is shown to be top notch, Legendary for his reaction time
Disadvantages in battle: Physically weak (Takes eight hits from any trained human officer to knock him out, and two if by an Orc, doubles hits taken if wearing armor), Has not mastered all, Sanity is extremely questionable, Has been known to attack allies out of “being there", Can butt heads with anyone, Is reckless, Shown to prolong fights with experienced fighters
Transportation: Natural movement, Mount if available, depends on what he has

Additional Info

Likes: Learning the skills of other fighters, Pubs, Orcs (Has a partner/friend and they make good fights or sparring partners)
Dislikes: Sirens, The high class, Demons, Elves
Religion: Presumably Catholic
Favorite Color: Silver
Favorite Food: Deer
Family Members: Unnamed Twin, Unnamed Parents
Pets: A crow he has trained named ‘Slash', he can mentally link himself with it
Location: Usually in a pub near a forest, but he is known to travel
Hobbies: Training, Perfecting himself, watching fighter and warriors, sparring with Straga
Fears: Having nothing to live for
Loves/like: Siren Songs, His job, Becoming stronger with each fight (Learning skills)
Hates/dislike: Cold temperatures, Quiet, Deserts, Trolls, Mages, Warlocks, Elves
Theme songs: Cassey Lee Williams and Jeff Williams - When it Falls
Theme quotes: (The entire song in general fits him)


Bestfriends: Straga, Zed
Friends: None really
Acquaintances: Varies
Rivals: Other Assassins and Mercenaries
Enemies: Anyone on a contract, or anyone who attacks him
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Strengths: Experience, Skill, Intelligence, Charisma, Speed, Stamina, Senses
Weaknesses: Rage may overcome him, Darkness can consume him, Trus is a somewhat issue with him and vice-versa
Strider (OC)
nice rp of. medieval

Full name: Sally Tan.
Nicknames: Sal.
Age: Uknown, physically 33.
Occupation: Gunsmith.
Birth place: Florida, USA.
Birth date: September 13, Unknown year.
Height: 5'8" (Without mask), 6'8" (With mask).
Weight: 153lbs (Without mask), 2000Kg (With mask).
Blood type: B-
Astrological sign: Virgo.


Skin Colour(s): Pale (Without mask), Red (With mask).
Hair: Red (Without mask), Black (With mask)
Hairstyles: Long, Wavy and messy
Eyes: Hooded.
Eye Colour(s): Red center, black surroundings.
Unique Feature(s): Eye color, Horns, tail.

Gym: Jogging Pants, with Hoodie.
Swimwear: Black One shoulder bikin.
Fancy: A long red formal dress.
Pajamas: Tank top with shorts most of the time, but sometimes in the nude
Normal: Black shirt, tanned duster coat, black camo cargo pants, boots and fingerless gloves.
Accessories: N/A.
All clothes she wears has a hole for her tail.

Social: She “enjoys" company
Bravery: Has shown to be absent of fear
Rebellious: Very, she a bad girl
Tidy: A 50/50 on that really
Daredevil: She looks like one
Bookworm: Depends
Personality: She is the definition of Bad Girl. It doesn't mean she's a BAD girl, she just doesn't listen, likes to make fun, crack jokes, and as said before, “Enjoys" company. Well due to her actual loneliness, she doesn't really know how to act with people, so shoulder bumps, jokes and overall cavalier attitude is the closest sight of her being social. She is slightly sensitive about her appearance, so she doesn't like it when people stare or don't blink. She is also slightly bipolar, one second she's the social self, next thing is she hates you to her very core.

Powers and Abilities
Mystic: The Reflection of Sin…
(Dark Maroon with small horns).

Mystical Powers Granted:
*Superior Physiology: She has grown bigger, stronger, more senses, much more reflexive, Staminous/Enduring/Durable and slightly faster. She is shown to be able to lift stuff ranging from cars to trucks, she claims that she has lifted and fought a rogue elephant and jummp buildings, this is yet to be seen. Her senses this is proof in itself as she is in constant sensing of her entire surroundings, taking in every color, light, individual, scent, temperature, direction, taste and sound, even being able to see in the dark. Her reflexes is quite decieving for her size, as she has show to be able to react to various thing s that could have hit a person dozen times over without them realizing it, even faster. Her toughness is legendary, as she is the rockiest person you could meet. Her speed has not been shown alot, in combat and reflexes sure, but in movement, so far she is faster than people?

*Immune to temperature changes: So far she has claimed that she is unaffected by temperature, the only evidence to this is the fact she's fireproof.

*Conductor: Despite her inability to be physically narmed by it, she can still catch fire, her entire body can, making her excellent for upclose encounters with burners. Electricity tickles her, she can carry it depending how long she is electrocuted, she has claimed she was captured by some criminals and electrocuted for three hours, only laughing straight, and then broke out and fried them all.

*Pyrokinesis: She has control over fire, being able to imbue weapons, ammo, and attacks with it, she can snap her fingers to create a flame, with more force a small explosion, the size of her, and her biggest feat shooting out a stream of flames from her mouth after drinking three kegs of alcohol.

* Healing Factor: She grows new cells very fast (Just below Wolverine level), she is immune to toxins, poisons, and disease, alcohol however, luckily, nope.

*Necromancy: She can communicate with the dead.

*Animal Empathy: She has claimed to be able to talk to animals.

She does not know the full length of the powers, but she has enjoyed them so far.

Mystical Curses:
*Physical Corruption: Due to its nature of giving the appearance and the ability to do all seven deadly sins, she looks fine, but its due to not acknowledge those sins. If she does, she turns into a monster.

*Agressive reaction to Holy items: Though not able to hirt her, the pressence of holy items triggers an angry reaction on her, as she gets ticked off more easily.

*Instant shunning to those who bears no Knowledge of Mystics: She is basically instantly hated by people who don't even know a simple meaning for mystic.

*Mask Unremovable: Can only be removed if she performs a TRUE virtue.

Marksmanship: She is highly efficient with guns, even some heavy ones as well, her full knowledge is unknown.
Weapons Expert: She knows many weapons and what wound, hole, and damage they leave.
Combatant: Her knowledge of combat makes her a great fighter.

Additional Info

Likes: Rock, Guns, Action Movies
Dislikes: A-holes
Religion: Roman Catholic
Favorite Colour: Maroon
Favorite Food: Pizza, Spaghetti, Salad
Family Members: They dead boy!
Pets: She owns an immortal cat she dubed “Julius", she bled on his corpse.
Lives: Travels around
Hobbies: Sleeping, reading, listening to music
Fears: None
Theme songs: “I'm the bad guy"
Theme quotes: "I'm not the damsel in distress, I'm not your girlfriend or the frightened princess, I'm not a little bird who needs your help to fly, nope~, I'm the bad guy..."


Bestfriends: Unknown.
Friends: Unknown.
Acquaintances: Many.
Rivals: Unknown.
Enemies: Any threat
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight
Strengths: Experience, physical attributes, tank
Weaknesses: Lacks real movement speed, is not a thinker


She was born in America, she found the mask, put it on drunk, was like that, owns a travelling legal gunshop, and now likes travelling.
Phenomena OC - Girl Satan?
OC for rp, here she is, not much history for character development reasons.

Full name: Heidi Barnes.
Nicknames: Scion of Hades, Hades Spawn, Hades' Pup, Pluto's dumb puppy.
Age: 19.
Occupation: Does odd jobs.
Birth place: Austin, Texas.
Birth date: May 28, 1997.
Height: 5'8".
Weight: 140lbs,
Blood type: A-
Astrological sign: Gemini.

Skin Color(s):
Hair: Black dyed purple.
Hairstyles: Long, free and curly.
Eyes: Almond eyes.
Eye Color(s): Brown, turns red when experienceing passionate emotions.
Unique Feature(s): Hair turns into flames when experiencing passionate feelings, temperature depends on emotion, when positve passionate ones they're just warm and can be touched, when negative ones it burns. Can make her voice sound deep and monstorous.

Gym: She wears yoga pants, running shoes, sports bra and Fingerless gloves with no knuckles.
Swimwear: A red string bikin.
Fancy: A dark purple slit dress.
Pajamas: Pink pajama pants with an AC/DC tank top.
Normal: She wears a black leather jacket with an AC/DC Tank top underneath, black slacks, black leather motorcycle gloves (they have black iron knuckles on the,), and black loafers.
Underclothes: her average bra and panty, they're white.
Accessories: She has some earrings.

Social: She can get extremely social, depending on your personality.
Bravery: She 70% knows no fear.
Rebellious: She loves the entire God of War series and played every game, you can guess at this point.
Tidy: 50/50 on that one.
Daredevil: Fuck. The Hell. Yes!
Bookworm: 40/60 on this, only things that peak her interest, the only ones that she hated when interested was 50 Shades and Twilight.
Personality: She is the Scion of Hades! But it doesn't mean she's like darkness and emo incarnate, she's actually extremely bubbly, funny, friendly, elegant, and immature. The only problem is issues she has, ranging from daddy to mommy, she does not like her parents due to broken promises. Also her immaturity leads to people thinking she's twelve, and not as much respect as others. But overall she knows Gods and Goddesses exist, she really doesn't care though.

Godly Abilities
God/Goddess Parent: Hades/Pluto.

Abilities Derived
*Enhanced Physiology: She is a kid of one of the big three, so yeah she has superhuman physical capabilities, but her running speed is notas impressive as her other physical feats. But what makes her unique is that like Hades, she is really, in fact, EXTREMELY hard to kill.

*Pyrokinesis: Just like her hair, she has some control over fire, being able to channel it into melee attacks, any weapon, any vehicle, and with too much effort to shoot it out like a jet of flames.

*Chain Manipulation: She can control her birthright with out most profficiency and talent and even make it teleport through portals, which have a seventeen meter limit.

*Umbrakinesis: She can dim an entire hall and room into dark and imbue her weapons with dark energy, when seen outside it takes the form of extremely thich smog.

*Invisibility: She can do this through dark magic or umbrakinesis in general, but of she uses anything like pyrokinesis or dark energy it will be seen.

*Cerberus Summoning: She is able to summon the badass, fang bearing, claw slashing, fire breating, three headed dog cerberus from the underworld and ride it, it is loyal to her as it obeys any order, even die, it's true soul is within the underworld therefore cannot die as if its physical body dies, another is created in the Underworld.

*Necromancy: She can control any dead matter in the vicinity, ranging from corpses to severed limbs and can renew it into something else or save some parts to make something else entirely. This is one of the reasons she's hard to kill. This also allows her to telekineticslly manipulate dead things, like severed limbs and corpses.

*Soul Manipulation: Being the daughter of Hades, she can steal souls for power, the more souls she steals, the stronger she gets, she can even summon souls to he,p her in battle, but with the soul she steals that she summons it tones down her power.…
(Her Birthright except skull is bronze and chain is iron).
Birthright: Pain and Panic is an amulet created for her by her father in the Underworld, made from two souls, one was a woman who lied and cheated to cause chaos, who became the bronze skull panic, and a sadistic psychopath, he became pain, the iron chain. The skull can grow twice its normal size, float, light itself on fire, and can currently become a revolver and motorbike, the iron chain can become thicker and longer, becoming whip like, of course she can use this to whip her opponents, but like the skull it can transform if given souls. She can channel fire and dark energy into both to cause more damage and she can grab souls with it, presumably allowing the chain to grab anything, of course any soul she absorbs goes only to her, but she can choose which one gets a soul. Panic can talk, while Pain only laughs, cries, etc.

Fighting style: She only watched boxing and wrestling from television, but hey she's good at it.

Advantages in battle: All ranged fighter.

Disadvantages in battle: Despite hardness to kill, she has weak stamina if she lets a soul lose for too long.

Additional Info

Likes: Good Songs, God of War, Motorbikes, Pain, fun, dogs.
Dislikes: Her father when visiting lesving all of a sudden, Jerks.
Religion: Agnosticism.
Favorite Color: Purple and Black.
Favorite Food: Fast Food, Japanese food and Chinese food.
Family Members:
-Cronos (Grandfather).
-Rhea (Grandmother).
-Hades (Father).
-Matilde Barnes (Mother).
-Jaime Jones (Half-Brother).
Cerberus: It can adopt the form of a black dog either as a puppy or a grown dog.
Lives: N/A (She travels).
Hobbies: Motorbike racing, Sketching.
Fears: Hades dying for reals, Zues trying to sleep with her.
Loves/like: Hot guys, Cute guys, movies, video games.
Hates/dislike: Zues, Assholes (Both are the same really).
Theme songs: Highway to Hell, Shoot to Thrill.
Theme quotes: “I'm on a highway to Hell!", “SHOOT TO THRILL!"


Bestfriends: Demios (Human name's Damien Montgomery).
Friends: TBA.
acquaintances: TBA.
Rivals: Children of Thanatos and Zues, Maria Mendez (Scion of Hela).
Enemies: Joshua Jameson (Scion of Zues), Anyone who fights her.
Marital Status: Single.
Sexuality: Demisexual.
Strengths: Determined, Agressive, Unexpected.
Weaknesses: Unexpected, Agressive.
Entities OC - Scion of Hades.
This my baby, and no insults to culture.

Full name: Zen Mandatta.
Nicknames: Zee, Spoon.
Age: 17
Occupation: Student.
Birth place: Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines, New Earth.
Birth date: April 21, 249 P.N.
Height: 5'6.5".
Weight: 142lbs.
Blood type: AB
Astrological sign: Gemini.

Skin Color(s): Tanned.
Hair: Dark Brown.
Hairstyles: Usually messy spiky, geled up, or geled sideways.
Eye Color(s): Dark Brown, almost looks black,
Unique Feature(s): N/A.

Gym: Jogging clothes with fingerless gloves.
Swimwear: Cargo Shorts, with fingerless shorts
Fancy: Tuxedo with blue Polo shirt and gloves
Pajamas: Anything he has on which isn't dirty, wet or blood stained or smells.
Normal: He usually wears this, with black gloves, black leather shoulder guards on top of the coat and black boots. Replace the Red with Dark Blue and no guns, but holsters are replaced with black leather thigh guards.…
Underclothes: Briefs and Boxers together.
Accessories: He wears a necklace  with an emerald.

Social: He is slightly introvert, but isn't afraid to talk to people, unless he is stopped before he speaks.
Bravery: He is brave, but of course he can get jump scared.
Rebellious: He can be at any stae depending on his mood.
Tidy: He is usually tidy, bu on lazy days he's a mess
Daredevil: 50/50, hard to say.
Bookworm: Does enjoy it, but isn't caught reading.
Personality: He is somewhat mostly chilled, almost idiotically chilled, he is often heard making stupid statements, or doing stupid things (Yet anything that reminds him of oppression sets him off). People who know him on a personal level has noticed he's immature, but responsible. He gets along well with just about anybody, including teachers, he is the friendliest guy you would know, unless you've reached his bad side, which is the complete opposite of his usual self. He can find humor in many things, this has allowed him to see through multiple pranks. He is also observant of everything, making him guess how some people act, most of the time (Despite this he can forget these alot, so he has to remind himself often making it difficult for him to multi task).

Numina: Human.

Energy Type: Mirror, Balance.

Elemental: At fullest potential with available spell in hand can be on any level.
Mental: At fullest potential with available spell in hand can be on any level.
Arcane: At fullest potential with available spell in hand can be on any level.
Mirror Mask: It is a technological mask that conceals not only his face, butnhis entire head, it is flexible, advanced and extremely durable. Sure it looks like a flexible mirror on his face, but it is more than that, the undermask is equiped with multiple surveilance cameras that are suitable for any enviroment, he was able to record multiple spells in use, making him a worthy adversary. The external layer is made of an extremely durable liquid material that acts like a one way mirror, reflecting things on one side, transparent on the other, it even reacts to the undermask allowing it to act like a screen as well for anything really. He is experienced with many types of weapon and often uses the enviroment, if allowed or had the chance he can get a weapon.… (Underlayer of reflective interchangeable surface)

Protection: Certain materials weaved into all of his clothes.
Fighting style: All ancient Filipino Martial Arts.
Advantages in battle: Determination, Indomitable will, Observant, Quick, Made to be Team player.
Disadvantages in battle: Is not really good at handling things alone that requires a team, Cannot do major damage with spells alone, Holds Grudges on many enemies (rarely allies, but there will be moments).
Agility: ◆◆◆◆◆
Strength: ◆◇◇◇◇  
Dexterity: ◆◆◆◇◇
Resilience: ◆◆◇◇◇
Magic: Varies depending on Spells being used/recorded and number of Numina and their power in the vicinity.
Transportation: Varies, mostly travels with atleast two Numina alot to have the capablities.

Additional Info

Likes: Listening to stories, watching cartoons, reading old stuff, movies with talking animals, popular series of any kind, meeting people
Dislikes: People who mentions his height in a negative way, People making fun of his accent, People who see him as one or two of the multiple countries that visited the Philippines, COMPLETE idiots, Stuck up Bitches/Cunts/A-holes/Douchebags.
Religion: Roman Catholic.
Favorite Color: Dark Blue, Silver.
Favorite Food: Fast Food, Anything as long as it's not pure ketchup, mustard, mayonaise, hot sauce, large/pure vegetables, domestic animals, extremely spicy stuff and organs/entrails of animals.
Family Members: Mentions of Oldest sister, two older brothers, little sisters, and his parents.
Pets: He owns a Sugar Glider named: Ash-hole Agni Hephaustus Vulcan Pyralis Ifrit Genie Mandatta, you may call him, “Ash".
Hobbies: Scavenging for old things of the past, watching people practice spells, Parkouring.
Fears: Storms, facing mutated animals (The big scary ones), Moths.
Loves/like: Making a joke at his own expense.
Hates/dislike: Oppression.
Theme songs: (Serious moments), (Usual). Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen, From the Shadows-Jeff Williams Feat. Casey Lee Williams.
Theme quotes: “Born with no life, into subjugation treated like a worthless animal!" (Moments of Oppression being reminded to him), “Because I'm easy come, easy go, little high, little low, any way the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me..." (Usual self).


Bestfriends: Menolo Canlas.
Friends: Selene Kendrick, Athena Valeez, Maddox Spinx, Vash, any friend's friend he met.
Rivals: N/A
Enemies: N/A.
Marital Status: Single.
Sexuality: Demisexual.
Strengths: His skill and determination, and the fact he, and I quote, “FIGHT FOR MY GOD DAMN FRIENDS!!". The numbers of sets of spells he can switch from.
Weaknesses: Can cause trouble due to unintentional stalking. Can be willing to sacrifice too much for others.
Row Row, I fought the powah
Row Row, Fiyah Powah
Never mind my last post I'm back
Who ever had to lie that they feel tired, stressed at school to avoid talking emotionally to those you care about, who had to push the thoughts of freaking out agressively to still look like the angel that your loved ones want you to be, who remembers seeing the world as friends, then dropped to the ground like a meteor, who had to keep hate inside them for nine years, and when you let it out, you realize you showed your loved one the monster you can become, who keeps on repressing the rage like a fever when you need to do something importants.

Just to tell you all, it'h not over when the hate consumes you, it's not over when you let it all out negatively. It's over when you don't regret what you did, and kept on regretting everything you did. You can see all the bad things you have, all the junk, but you only realize how blind you've been when you're about to disappear, you lose the treasure in the juno, you lose all you put your faith in, all the friends you loved, the family that raised you, I know how it feels. I know that feeling when you want to abandon it all, to just jump off that cliff, pretending it's a good idea, to leave it all, and when you nearly hit the ground you realized you fucked up, you need to talk to them all, you must talk to them, you may never know, you might be a lightning rod to keep the others from being hit hard, the one that has to soak it up, so that they can feel better in every single way.

But I have friends, I wont mention them, because they're worth too much for me to let you know about them, I know they forget me, that they can be complete asses, that they can have hearts of ice, but hey, I don't care anymore. If you have friends like these, what would be the use of a happy place, they are thay warm embrace, they're that one fire in your life that keeps you alive, they're the book that fills you with knowledge and wisodm, they are that voice of reason and understanding, and you ask who you are. Everyone is the hero of their own life, a hero falls, a her dies, but there is one thing, no one is born into the world without anyone. And if you call bullshit then sorry


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Johann Angelo S. Andaluz
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I was born on may 21,2001 I will mainly make literature all drawn art is drawn by my friend

Gender: Male.
Quote: Infamous don't always mean evil.

As of May 21st, deviantART will be deleting ALL DA accounts. Not the plz accounts though. But just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly may happen in the future. If we find this message on your deviantID, journal, etc. We will know that you are not a fake.

Thank you for listening"

-deviantART staff

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